1:00 PM

Jonathan & Stephen Paetkau

All Bottom Paint Questions Answered Forever: tips on how to remove, choose and apply, and get the most from your bottom paint

Vancouver International Boat Show
1:00 PM - FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017
Room 4

Seminar Details

Applying you own boat bottom is probably the best way to save money on a regular haulout, but along with waste systems, bottom paint is one of those boat maintenance topics that people just don’t want to think too much about. Our seminar will cover the many ways to remove spent antifouling (and touch on what to do with the boat you find under it), how to choose primers and paints, and how to apply them. We will cover the various kinds of paint available in Canada, and also some new and experimental paints. Ultrasonic and foul release coatings will also be discussed. We might even raffle off some free bottom paint or safety gear and painting supplies.

About Jonathan & Stephen Paetkau

We (Jonathan and Stephen Paetkau) own Skookum Yacht Services, and have been fixing boats in the Granville Island Boat Yard for more than 10 years. We have removed bottom paint in almost every possible way, we have applied every kind of bottom paint available in Canada (and many that are not), and as a commercial dive company have been inspecting and monitoring boat bottoms in the water for at least as long. We love the self-reliance that boating encourages, and enjoy talking to DIY boaters. www.skookumyachtservices.com







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