4:00 PM

John Nassichuk

Troubleshooting your Onboard Systems

Vancouver International Boat Show
4:00 PM - FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017
Room 4

Seminar Details

The number of onboard systems in your boat can be intimidating. With examples and real parts, John will break down each system into manageable pieces so you can understand what they do, how they work, and the most obvious places to look when something goes wrong. You’ll talk about black water, grey water, and fresh water systems; heating systems; bonding and grounding for your equipment and anything else you have questions about.

About John Nassichuk

John’s extensive knowledge of boats reflects his lifetime commitment to the marine technology sector. His pursuit of best practices and leadership within marine organizations contribute to the growing professionalism of marine trades. From steering and propulsion to wireless information systems, John’s lexicon of marine systems makes him a prominent go-to person both at Raven Marine and internationally.





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