12:00 PM

Stewart Jones

Advances in Deck Gear

Vancouver International Boat Show
12:00 PM - SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2017
Room 4

Seminar Details

If you have difficulty raising sails, reefing, or just sheeting sails in this discussion is for you. Evaluate new gear and its placement on your boat. Join in the discussion of newer products and the benefits to the efficiency of functions that are necessary for sailing, with our Pro-Tech team. The acceptance of poor functioning systems is not necessary if one makes the correct choices of specific gear or a total replacement and re-organization to accomplish an efficient and complete sailing system. We will discuss and breakdown the thought process and selection for specific tasks that have boats working for you efficiently, from short sheeting headsails to how a reef is put in.

About Stewart Jones

Stewart Jones entered the rigging business in the early seventies and gained further valuable experience while skippering and racing boats in Europe as well as racing and deliveries to Hawaii and along the west coast. The daily business of supplying hardware and purchasing from suppliers around the world combined with his extensive sailing experience allows Stewart to be an authority on hardware and systems for sailing boats. These skills he uses every day in his role as founder of Pro-Tech Yacht Services a rigging and outfitting company that manufactures, services and retails specific boat hardware to dedicated sailors from a shop and store conveniently located at Lynnwood Marina in North Vancouver.







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