2:00 PM

Matt Schinbein

Assessing FRP Damage—What’s your next step?

Vancouver International Boat Show
2:00 PM - SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2017
Room 4

Seminar Details

Maybe you had a small run in with the dock. Or you just bumped over a rock. Is it serious? Matt will discuss the most asked questions he hears from Owners wondering, “What do I do now?”. This seminar will cover the basic elements of FRP construction and explain what happens to those materials on impact. You’ll discuss assessing the damage—from the nearly invisible to the obvious—and what the next steps are. Bring all your questions (and photos) for discussion.

About Matt Schinbein

Matt is a certified Marine Service Technician specializing in composites and refinishing at Blackline Marine Inc. He is an avid boater with a broad knowledge of both sailing and power vessels. Matt is on the board of directors for Quadrant Marine Institute and is their main instructor for composites and refinishing technologies in Sidney.





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