3:00 PM

Merion Martin

So you want to charter a boat—what’s next?

Vancouver International Boat Show
3:00 PM - SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2017
Room 4

Seminar Details

Chartering a yacht in the pacific north west is an incredible way to spend a holiday. Merion will simplify what you need to know to do so safely and enjoyably. He’ll talk about the requirements to charter in BC, selecting the vessel that’s right for you, where you might want to cruise, and passage planning. Once you decide to charter, it’s important to understand what charter companies should provide you with, the basic vessels systems, preparation for departure, and some basic ‘Do’s & Don'ts’ to help make your trip safe and successful. Bring your questions about tides, safety, rules of the road, anchoring techniques, weather, etc. If time permits, Merion will talk about certification and requirements to charter abroad.

About Merion Martin

Merion was brought up sailing wooden classics on the Irish sea off the coast of north wales. He went on to work on yachts professionally, based in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Starting as a deck hand and making his way up the hierarchy to become a captain, Merion ran private and charter yachts up to 170 ft. With around 80,000 sea miles and several transatlantic crossings, he’s had many wonderful experiences on the ocean.







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