Full Day Seminar

These experienced seminar leaders will expand your knowledge base by providing interactive, practical hands on-exercises, inspiration, information with robust discussion and ample time for questions and answers.

Saturday, February 8

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Mahina Offshore Full Day Seminar

John Neal & Amanda Swan Neal and Pete McGonagle

Saturday, February 8
Registration 8:30 am
Seminar 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Room 147 / VIP Room, located on the main field level of BC Place

Self-sufficiency and preparation for your cruising adventures, whether to Mexico, the South Pacific or the Caribbean are the focus of this full-day seminar with John & Amanda Neal and Pete McGonagle. The Offshore Cruising Seminar features 18 dynamic topics illustrated with PowerPoint presentations that are documented in the included 260-page Offshore Cruising Companion (normal price $90). Topics include: Selecting and Outfitting a Boat for Offshore Cruising, Diesel Engine Maintenance, Storm Survival Tactics, Rigging & Sails, Communications, Anchoring, Piracy & Security, Managing Your Escape, Cost of Cruising and Cruising Routes. This is the 173rd Offshore Seminar John and Amanda have presented to 12,000 sailors since 1976. Visit http://www.mahina.com/ for the list of topics and schedule.

$100 per person.

Pre-registration required.

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