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12:30 PM

Ian Grantham

Rescue Tales -  Boating is an amazing fun experience… Let’s keep it that way! 

Vancouver Boat Show
12:30 PM - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2017
Room 3

Seminar Details

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCM-SAR) crews will share examples of how people find themselves in trouble based on real life rescue calls and explain how it could have been avoided.   They will provide some easy, practical ways to make your trip on the water safer and more enjoyable.  They are passionate about boating and believe it should be enjoyed by more people on this beautiful coast but just want to ensure you don’t need them on a dark and stormy night.     RCM-SAR crews conduct over 800 rescues missions per year with 41 rescue stations and 1,000+ volunteer crew.    They have a strong passion for helping people on the water but prefer to prevent you needing their services.

About Ian Grantham

Ian Grantham is a Coxswain and Deputy Station Leader at Station 1 in West Vancouver. A lifelong boater in the local waters, Ian has been in RCM SAR for a little over 5 years and is very involved in the training, recruiting and all other activities with the Station.  Ian brings enthusiasm and passion to most everything he does and for his day job he owns and operates a brokerage of products for Retail Pharmacy.  He is certainly passionate about being on the water while being safe and he instills these practices with his family of 5 kids and two grandkids every chance he gets.  Any day on the water is a good day!






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