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2:30 PM

Andre Bilan

Electronics For How You Use Your Boat

Vancouver Boat Show
2:30 PM - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2017
Room 3

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A forward-looking and wide-ranging talk about low cost / high performance products to help you plan trips, navigate with GPS, see and be seen by other craft, and improve safety.  A range of topics will be covered, such as: simple plug-and-play electronic barometers, wireless solar powered wind instruments, seeing older analog engine's information on a computer screen, displaying sonar depth soundings on an iPhone, viewing nautical charts on an iPad, using a satellite phone to send emails and make voice-over-Internet calls from you smartphone, and much more...

About Andre Bilan

Andre Bilan is a Toronto-based writer, researcher, and technical resource for boaters using electronic navigation on computers & tablets





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