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6:00 PM

John Horton

Cruising our coast with Captain George Vancouver

Vancouver Boat Show
6:00 PM - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2017
Room 1

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Learn the inside stories about Vancouver’s exploration and charting of our coast, including the discovery and protection of a Shaman’s burial cave; his friendship with England’s enemy, the Spanish, and many other stories. The presentation includes over 25 images of favourite cruising locations on the coast. Vancouver’s extended survey of the northwest coast was an astonishing achievement. His voyage proved to be the longest continuous journey of discovery under sail in history, both in time and in distance covered. Neither Cook nor Columbus, nor any other explorer, equaled this accomplishment. And yet, his life ended at 40, in poverty and with no recognition. Why? Please come to the talk and find out!...

About John Horton

John Horton’s marine art captures today and yesterday – people, places and events as we know and remember them. While there are many artists who paint marine scenes, few have Horton’s ability to delineate accurately the architecture of a ship. Horton’s portrayals range from the Pacific voyages of discovery when captains Cook and Vancouver first anchored off British Columbia to contemporary settings on urban and rural waterfronts. He gives us glimpses of other parts of the world, of the military at work, of bustling ports and tranquil inlets.






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