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6:30 PM

Wayne & Margy Lutz

Off-the-Grid Living: Getting Started

Vancouver Boat Show
6:30 PM - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2017
Room 3

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Are you interested in living off the grid, in the mountains, up the coast, or maybe just at the edge of town? How do you begin, and what are the essentials to getting started? This seminar will take you through the basics of remote living, joining the learning curve with a measured approach to setting up your new residence. Although some of the principles in this presentation can be applied to boats at anchor, the primary emphasis involves those who want to reside full-time off the grid in a remote location....

About Wayne & Margy Lutz

Wayne and Margy Lutz reside in a floating cabin on Powell Lake BC, a location that’s off the grid and only accessible by boat. Wayne previously worked as a college aeronautics professor and flight instructor, and Margy served as a teacher, elementary school principal, and educational administrator. Wayne is an author of 12 books related to backwoods recreation, off the grid living, and flying. Margy is currently an educational consultant, but prefers spending her time tending her floating garden on Powell Lake. In recent years, Wayne and Margy have turned their attention to boating and exploration of coastal British Columbia on all-terrain vehicles.






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