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12:00 PM

Anders Lonnqvist and Elizabeth Angst.

Boating on the Canals of Holland, Belgium and Germany

Vancouver Boat Show
12:00 PM - THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2017
Room 1

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Seeing the countries from a 42’ motorboat and with bicycle visiting towns and surroundings...

About Anders Lonnqvist and Elizabeth Angst.

Captain, Anders Lonnqvist Over 72,000 nautical miles international yachting and First Mate, Elizabeth Angst Over 48,000 nautical miles international yachting like to deliver boats all over the world, whether with or without the owners on board. Providing seamanship training and boat handling. We do emergency repairs and maintenance on diesel, outboard engine, electrical wiring, plumbing, wood-work, fibreglass and epoxy repair, knots, bends, rope and line splicing, sail repair. Members of Blue Water Cruising Association, Vancouver Canada.





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