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12:30 PM

Patrik Swanljung

Planning a solar power installation on your boat?

Vancouver Boat Show
12:30 PM - THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2017
Room 3

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Solar panels have been fitted on pleasure boats for quite some time. Yet there is still a lot of confusion regarding what realistically can be expected from them. This seminar will cover how to dimension your installation, selecting the type of panels, and where and how to install them. We will also cover factors affecting durability and power output in marine applications, like weather, rough seas, salt water and shadow issues. Finally, a solar installation requires regulating the charge and considering battery types....

About Patrik Swanljung

Patrik grew up sailing (his mother put him under a sail to sleep as a baby!). A trained scientist, Patrik holds a PhD from the Royal University in Stockholm, several patents, and has 30 years experience in medical technology. Retiring from that field in 2001, he got a chance to combine his experience and his love of boating by starting a company making solar panels for marine use. This year Patrik finally decided to spend more time at sea and less in running a business, but he is still active part time in solar design.






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