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1:15 PM

Bill Haymond

Fishing Methods for Big Salmon

Vancouver Boat Show
1:15 PM - THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2017
Room 2

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Some fishermen consistently catch average sized salmon while other fishermen may catch fewer overall but their salmon are often quite large. Tyee (salmon 30 lbs and larger) behave differently than smaller salmon in the same run travelling to the same spawning gravel. Their migration timing is different, they swim at different depths, have different eating habits and often rest at different locations. Bill will explain why big salmon behave differently and discuss fishing methods tailored for tyee including cut plug herring, whole herring, “butt” plug, teaser head herring, Pro-Troll herring, plugs and spoons....

About Bill Haymond

Bill Haymond has fished for salmon most of his life and seriously for the past ten years. He is certified by the Sports Fishing Institute of BC as a professional fishing guide, and has worked at lodges on the central and north coast as well as Haida Gwaii. This has given him the opportunity to rub shoulders with and learn from some of the best fishermen and guides in the province. In addition to salmon biology and behaviour he has a strong interest in meteorology and physical oceanography. Bill and his wife Kim live in the Vancouver area. Bill is the author of the book “The Science of Salmon Fishing” which is available at





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