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5:30 PM

Christof Marti

Heavy Weather

Vancouver Boat Show
5:30 PM - THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2017
Room 3

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Getting caught in heavy weather raises fear in most sailors. Luckily, modern weather forecast allows us to avoid bad weather for the most part. But what if a storm develops unexpectedly, like the one on August 29th 2015, which left over 500,000 residents of Metro Vancouver without power? Have you prepared your boat properly to deal with heavy winds? Have you thought about a sail plan? When it gets tough, which tactic will work for your boat: Running from the wind, passively riding out the storm or perhaps sail into the teeth of wind? Join Christof Marti in the discussion of heavy weather sailing and what you might want to think about to be better prepared should you be on the water in heavy weather....

About Christof Marti

He sailed in all the local distant races including Van Isle 360 and cruised extensively off BC’s coast for the last 10 years. The culmination of his sailing experience to date is completing the Vic-Maui race in 2012 and return delivery. He since sailed two more times from Maui to Vancouver, introducing his crew to offshore sailing. He also sailed the Atlantic where due to technical issues a delivery ended in the Cape Verdes instead of the Caribbean. Christof operates Simply Sailing School passing along his passion for sailing. He also serves as the BC Sailing liaison with the Recreational Boating Advisory Council in BC.





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