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4:00 PM

Arctic Series with Roger McAfee

What increased marine activity in the Arctic means for Canadian Northwest Passage sovereignty

Vancouver Boat Show
4:00 PM - FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017
Room 1

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McAfee, a retired lawyer, will discuss claims made particularly by the U.S. and Britain, that the Northwest Passage, when it becomes regularly navigable should be International waters and no longer part of Canada. The August 2016 Northwest Passage transit by the 68,000 ton, 820 foot, Crystal Serenity , carrying 1700 passengers and crew has refocused governments on the sovereignty issue. McAfee will discuss what it took to create Canadian Arctic sovereignty and the steps required to maintain it. McAfee will also discuss the issues related to the discovery of the Franklin's lost ship, Erebus and Terror, and how the sovereignty disputes might affect artifacts from those sites  ...

About Arctic Series with Roger McAfee

Roger has been a boater for more than 60 years. He graduated in Law from UBC and after practicing for about 25 years, he returned to the marine field as a freelance writer, publisher and speaker. He has served on Innovation Awards judging panels at both the Miami International Boat Show and IBEX. Roger’s material appears frequently in Pacific Yachting , Sea Magazine, Southern Boating, Lakeland Boating and ShowBoats International .






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