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5:15 PM

Geoff Baile

Boating at Night

Vancouver Boat Show
5:15 PM - FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017
Room 2

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Weather we plan to be on the water at night, or circumstances finds us out at night, knowledge can make all the difference. Recognizing the lights is only a small part of the skill set required for safely being on the ocean at night. After talking to two Coast Guard Officers, a Gillnetter and a Tugboat Captain, what they have to say may surprise you but will add to your night time skill set....

About Geoff Baile

Geoff has completed three ocean crossings: the north Atlantic, north Pacific and south Pacific. In addition to sailing for over 24 years on our coast, one summer was spent on Great Slave Lake in N.W.T. as a volunteer with the Canadian Marine Rescue Auxiliary. Geoff has given presentations to various boating organizations in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island and has been a past presenter at this Boat Show. 






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