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2:00 PM

Steve Spitzer

NMEA 2000 and the Technical Boater

Vancouver Boat Show
2:00 PM - SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2017
Room 1

Seminar Details

Steve Spitzer, NMEA’s (National Marine Electronics Association) Director of Standards will discuss the marine electronics industry’s networking interface standard, NMEA 2000. This seminar’s focus will be about the integration between the boater and this technology. What is NMEA 2000? How was it developed? Why is this different than Ethernet? What are the benefits? Can or should a “Do it Yourself” boater install NMEA 2000? What are the rules? What are the pitfalls? Why are there NMEA 2000 Certified products? What does that mean? From this seminar, you should be able to have a greater understanding of this worldwide standard, its practical applications, its interoperability with other electronic products and the future of NMEA 2000 and what that means to the marine electronics industry and you....

About Steve Spitzer

Steve Spitzer has worked with the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) for 12 years. As Director of Standards, Steve manages, coordinates and publishes the worldwide digital interface standards, of NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000. Steve has been involved in the marine electronics industry for 34 years. Steve’s marine experiences began with ICOM, the two-way radio company in 1982. After ICOM, Steve went to Heart Interface, the inverter/battery charger company where he was VP of Marketing. After Heart Interface was purchase, Steve stayed in the marine electronics business as a full-time staff person with NMEA. As part of Director of Standards, Steve collaborates with a global myriad of adjacent standards organizations, such as American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), Bluetooth Special Interest Group, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA), Radio Technical Commission of Maritime Services (RTCM), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Working Group 6 (Marine Interfaces), Working Group 15 (Marine AIS), Working Group 17 ( Common Maritime Data Structure (CMDS)). Steve lives and works in Bellingham Washington.






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