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2:15 PM

Anne & Laurence Yeadon-Jones

Plan your 2017 Cruise with the Dreamspeaker Guides and Passage Planning Charts

Vancouver Boat Show
2:15 PM - SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2017
Room 2

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The west coast waters of British Columbia and Washington State include some of the world’s finest cruising destinations. We will give you tips on how to plan your 2017 cruise by combining our New, Revised and Updated Dreamspeaker Guides with Laurence’s corresponding passage planning charts. These handy laminated charts are conveniently sized, drawn to scale and invaluable when you need to see the ‘big picture’. Unlike many large-scale charts that lose detail, especially on a chart plotter, these easy-to-read charts include key destinations, tidal passes and rapids. Time to get comfortable and start planning!...

About Anne & Laurence Yeadon-Jones

Anne and Laurence Yeadon-Jones are experienced sailors and accomplished boating guide authors, who over the last 29 years have logged thousands of cruising hours exploring, charting, recording and photographing the beautiful coastline of the Pacific Northwest. Their successful series of Dreamspeaker Guides is filled with nautically accurate hand-drawn charts and vital information that guide boaters safely into busy harbors, marinas and sheltered anchorages. Anne and Laurence live in Vancouver’s West End with Dreamspeaker close by. For a preview visit






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