Floating Show

Floating Show at Granville Island

Granville Island has the distinction of being one of the most central moorages for Vancouverites and visitors alike.

Located under the Granville Bridge in Vancouver, it is an eclectic mix of artist and artisan shops, a wonderful public market, and a host of maritime businesses serving the boating community.

The rich maritime history of Granville Island lends itself perfectly to an event such as the Vancouver International Boat Show.

CLICK HERE to view the preliminary list of boats available for sale!

Boat models subject to change, due to dealer and broker inventory.

Note: FREE shuttle buses, courtesy of Evinrude, and FREE water ferries, provided by False Creek Ferries, run continuously between Granville Island and BC Place. We recommend you begin your boat show visit at Granville Island, as the Floating Show closes daily at 5 pm.


In-Water Boats on Display at Granville Island

The list of boats to be on display at the Floating Show will be available January 1st !

Boat models subject to change, due to dealer and broker inventory.

Note: The Floating Show closes daily at 5 p.m.


FREE Boat Rides by Discover Boating!

Visit the Discover Boating tent at the entrance to the Floating Show at Granville Island and sign up for FREE 30-minute power or sailboat rides to get a taste of the boating life.

Experience the joys of boating firsthand, learn a bit about the lifestyle, and find out for yourself why "Life's Better With a Boat!"

Offered during show hours, these boat rides are a very popular part of the show, so be sure to sign up early!

Note: FREE shuttle buses and FREE water ferries run continuously between Granville Island and BC Place. The Floating Show closes daily at 5 pm.

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RCM-SAR’s New Falkins Class Type II Vessel

Tour the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue’s (RCM-SAR) new Falkins Class Type II Vessel -- one of the newest and most capable SAR vessels available today!

Designed specifically for the inshore waters of BC, this machine enables its all-volunteer 4 to 5 person crews to reach distances of over 240 nautical miles at speeds up to 40 knots. Fully rollover capable, with four watertight compartments, this vessel can be active in almost any weather or conditions while keeping crew and passengers safe!

With stations in 46 BC communities, RCM-SAR volunteers are on call around the clock and are often the first to respond to emergencies on the water. In one year alone, they’ve been known to take part in more than 700 missions, assisting more than 850 people. Their area of operation covers more than 27,000 square km of BC coastline and includes some of the busiest waterways in the world.

Click here for more information on RCM-SAR.


Pursuing the Dream: Bluewater Cruising Association

Do you dream about taking your family cruising, or the challenge of an ocean passage, or dropping the hook in an idyllic, isolated anchorage? Not quite sure how to make it happen or where to start?

Step aboard a fully equipped, offshore-ready boat from our club and imagine what it would be like to voyage to remote, exotic islands and atolls, steeped in history and rich in culture. Talk to the owner and other club skippers about selecting systems and outfitting their boats, how they prepared themselves and their crew, and what life was really like once they slipped the lines and set sail.

We can help you realize the dream! After visiting our display boat at Granville Island, visit the BCA booth at BC Place for more information about our Fleet, education and mentor programs, or attend the free presentation and slide show given by a BCA couple about their offshore sailing adventure.

Click here for more information on the Bluewater Cruising Association


Emergency Spill Response Education

When time is critical during a pollution/oil spill on the water, the right equipment makes the difference. The Hecate Sentinel is a 65-foot Ocean Class Oil Spill Response Vessel built by Rozema Boat Works in Washington State. The vessel is smaller, faster and more efficient than older unsheltered water vessels. It has a top speed of 26 knots when travelling to an incident. Once on-scene, the boom arms can be deployed within minutes. Two onboard skimming brushes have a combined skimming capacity of 32.8 tonnes per hour. The Hecate Sentinel provides Western Canada Marine Response Corp. with improved open water rapid response and night time operations capacity. This is a great chance to see the vessel at the Floating Show.


FREE Shuttle Bus & Water Ferry Service

FREE shuttle buses, courtesy of Evinrude, run continuously between the main entrance of BC Place and the Floating Show at Granville Island.

FREE water ferries are provided by False Creek Ferries. Ferries run continuously between the two venues (BC Place pick-up and drop-off is at Plaza of Nations, outside #11/Gate D). Please note that as we cannot predict unforeseen peak periods at the ferry dock, on occasion we may not be able to facilitate as quickly as we would like. We appreciate your patience at these times.

We recommend you begin your boat show visit at Granville Island, as the Floating Show closes daily at 5 pm.


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