More details on the 2023 seminar schedule will be available closer to the show dates.

In the interim, we have made the 2021 Virtual Show’s seminar sessions available to watch.

Merits of Thin Line Prawning

James Patrick

Preparing Your Boat for Offshore 

Christof Marti

Sailing Newfoundland’s South Coast

Mike Evans & Jayne Finn

Seaburban Around Alone – The Lure of the Distant & Difficult

Bert ter Hart

Sharing the Coast with Whales

Michelle Young

So Many Cleaners and Treatments: How to choose? 

Peter Bristow

Understanding the Building Blocks of Your Boat’s Electrical System

Jeff Cote

The Accidental Circumnavigation  

Cresswell Walker & Irina Chmielowicz

Catch and Release: Survival of Chinook & Coho Salmon

Stephen Johnston

Concepts of Celestial Navigation

Dominique Prinet

Buying Tips For Marine Electronics

Andrew MacDonald

Boat Building in the Rockies

Rick Reynolds

Provisioning & Creative Boat Organization

Liza Copeland

Electrifying: An Electric Boats and Motor Primer

Jeff Butler

Entering the Boating World  

Wilson Kao

Keeping Your Boat Safe and Secure

Brandon Wright

Overnight Passage Essentials

John Neal & Amanda Swan Neal

Putting Your Boat Into Charter

Ian MacPherson & Tracy Sarich

Sew What! Sewing Tips & Projects

Jayne Finn

Staying Safe on the Water – Lessons Learned

Boudewijn Neijins

Tips & Traps: Cruising the WA/OR/CA Coast, Mexico & the South Pacific

Sarah and Will Curry

Marine Weather 101

Ross MacDonald

Marine Surveying

Sarah White

Lithium Batteries

Jurek (Jerry) Makarewicz

Dreaming of Caribbean Cruising?

Liza Copeland 

Cruising Puget Sound – Worth Waiting For!

Lynne Picard

Anchoring Techniques: From Puget Sound to Worldwide Regions

John Neal & Amanda Swan Neal

Living the Dream Part 6 – Desolation Sound & the Broughton Islands

Aubrey Millard

Cruising Pacific Northwest to Alaska

Liza Copeland

Cruising the West Coast of Vancouver Island – Be Prepared & Relax

Jim Burgoyne & Lynne Picard

A Family of Four, then Five! A Seven Year Loop Around the Pacific

Max & Elizabeth Shaw

Getting Ready to Charter

Marla Hedman & Henry Tkachyk

Living the Dream – West Coast – The San Juan and Gulf Islands

Aubrey Millard

Master Art of Docking

Marco Coda

Offshore Personal Survival Training

David Sutcliffe

Storm Avoidance and Survival Tactics

John Neal & Amanda Swan Neal

Vic Maui for Racers and Cruisers

Jim Innes

A Rescue on the Water: Priceless

Rona Tepper

Cruising For Couples

Liza Copeland

Diesel Engine Essentials

Amanda Swan Neal

Favourite Cruising Grounds of British Columbia - Places to See & Hazards to Avoid

Panel: Andy Den Otter, Edith Eaton, Jack Dale & Henry Tkachyk

Living the Dream – Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island West Coast

Aubrey Millard

Living the Sailing Dream in Lovely Langkawi

Gina de Vere

Review of Coastal Navigation

Dominique Prinet

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